f r i d a y f a v o r i t e s !

f r i d a y   f a v o r i t e s !
With Friday being one of my favorite days of the week, I wanted to get in the rhythm of posting some of my favorite things every Friday!
For my first ever Friday favorites post I am spilling the beans on one of my favorite things IN THE WORLD- affordable wine!! After graduating college I was a loyal ‘two-buck-chucker.’ What is better than a bottle of wine under $3?! NOTHING, I say. But as I get older like a fine wine (ha ha wine jokes get it??) I realize that it’s probably time I move on from the hangover in a bottle.
These three wines that top the list for me are all from Trader Joe’s and all happen to be under $5. The research on this was ~totally grueling~ but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So, as an aspiring sommelier, here is my list of quality tested and meg-approved reds!​
What drew me to this wine was the fact it was the fact it’s name is French. It HAD to be fancy, right? It’s definitely a lighter red than I usually drink but it has a fruity taste to it which I love. Other plus include that it is organic, contains no extra sulfates and was only $4.99


This Spanish wine is classified as a Tempranillo, meaning it’s a full bodied red thats grapes ripen several weeks early than most Spanish vines (thank you wikipedia). Besides the taste, I love this wine for two big reasons. One is that is is certified vegan. To be honest, I was unaware wine could be NOT vegan, but apparently some fining agents used to preserve the wine comes from animal based proteins. The second reason I love this wine is because when you purchase La Granja wine, proceeds from your purchase go to helping farm animals. Helping animals while drinking wine? SIGN. ME. UP. This one goes for $3.99 a bottle.
My favorite of the 3! To be completely open here, the only reason I chose this wine the first time was because it was so pretty! I am a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing bottle. But once I got home and uncorked it, I was hooked. It is full bodied red, which is my favorite. It’s very smooth and almost too easy to drink. More than once have I opened a bottle only to realize later on I was almost finished with it. Also, its only $4.99 a bottle, so stock up!!
What red’s are your favorite? Have you tried any of these? Did you love them or leave them?? Let me know in the comments!
xoxo, Meg

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