p a l m s p r i n g s

p a l m  s p r i n g s

Even though I have lived in LA for 4 years (almost!!), it’s basically a SIN that I had never been to Palm Springs. Heck, one of the biggest music festivals takes place here and I somehow managed to not even pass through. But this past weekend I did it. I ventured East until I was transported back into the 1960’s vibe that is Palm Springs.

Best known as a place for snow birds to retire, I immediately fell in love with the city. From the warmer weather, mountain scenery and copious amount of dogs, what more could a girl want? To be completely honest, I pride myself in enjoying similar activities to the 60+ year old crew, so that was a major perk to palm springs as well.
I went to Palm Springs for a birthday, so while I saw a bunch fo really cool things, I am already itching to go back to see more of what it has to offer. Here are some of my favorite things I did this time around:
1. Brunch at Pinocchio’s
Although my friend told me about this place, even if I hadn’t been recommended to go, I totally would have still ended up at Pinccochio’s solely for the fact they do a $4.95 bottomless mimosa. $4.95 FOR ALL THE MIMOSA’S YOU CAN DRINK (or until it’s 2pm and you can’t remember which way is up). How crazy is that?? In LA I have only been able to find one other place with a bottomless mimosa under $10 (if you know of any, help a sister out). Besides the amazing drink deal, breakfast was also very good. They had everything you could think of a traditional breakfast joint would have as well as a Mexican-inspired menu as well. YUM!
*I have no picture evidence of brunch due to said bottomless mimosas
2. Visit The Saguaro Hotel
While we stayed at a friends house, we were a stones throw away from The Saguaro Hotel so I made sure to stop by. Wandering in, I was immediately envious of everyone staying there. Not only was the decor so desert-chic, the place itself had such a great vibe! There was ping pong, giant jenga and a bar as soon as you enter the hotel. When you went out back to the pool area it just got better. There were hammocks, bocce, fire pits, picnic setups and the pool was really big with a bar and beds to lounge on. If I had to design my dream vacation, The Saguaro would come pretty damn close. Also, fell even more in love with this place when I ran into Lauren B. from Ben’s season of The Bachelor! Unfortunately, I was too afraid to say hi or take a picture which I majorly regret now because I LOVE her want want to be bff’s with her (hi Lauren!!).
3. Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
So this one I need to do again. We had planned to get there half an hour before sunset and then ride up as the sun went down over the mountains. Amazing, right? NOPE. We got there and the rest of Palm Springs had the same idea so by the time we got done waiting to get on, the sun had gone down and it was super dark. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. The Tram held about 50 people (I am reaaaaally uncertain on the actual amount because wine) and the whole 8,500 feet up it rotates 360 degrees so you get a full view of the San Jacinto mountains. Would love to have seen it during the day, but the lights of the city were still captivating. At the top you have a few options. If the cold is not your scene, there are a few restaurants as well as a bar. If you can handle the altitude, there are about 50 trail heads from where the tram drops you off. When I come here again, I will definitely head up there early in the day and go on a hike as well. Overall, this was a bit on the pricer side at about $25 bucks to ride, but totally worth it for the views! Side note: One of Randall’s daughter’s from This Is Us was there so I totally lost my mind and that may have attributed to my overall recommendation.
So all in all I barely saw a slice of what Palm Springs has to offer- can’t wait to go back!! Have you been? Leave me suggestions of where to go next time I’m there in the comments!
xoxo, Meg

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