r i v e r s i d e

r i v e r s i d e
LA is great and all but sometimes I just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One particular weekend I was browsing hotels within 2 hours of LA and stumbled upon this little gem in the often overlooked city of Riverside.
Now when I told my friends the first time that I was vacationing in Riverside, I was advised not to. Not to knock the city but to be fair, not much is going on there. There are other places in that area people are more likely to head to but not this girl. There is one reason for this: The Mission Inn Hotel. This hotel is AMAZING. Seriously, go Yelp it. It’s unreal.
Nestled on it’s own block, The Mission Inn is a lil’ slice of Europe in California. Not only does this place have two bars, four restaurants and a spa, if you wander around the place you will stumble upon numerous fountains, chapels, and beautiful courtyards. When I was exploring I was amazed at how big the property was. I mean, come on, they even had a wine tasting room. PARADISE!
While there for my friends birthday this time, the only downside to the weekend was how cold it was. The last time I visited The Mission Inn it was well into spring and sitting poolside with a Piña Colada in hand was the main activity of my stay. This time, while we did venture into the hot tub, we spent more of our time exploring the grounds. Pulling from both of my experiences staying here, these are the main reasons you HAVE to get your fit little bum to Riverside.
1. Great prices
I am all about a good deal and I will scrounge the web until I find one. With this hotel, I did not need to go far. Averaging about $200 a night for a double queen/ king room, with a little searching I was able to find a rate of around $100 a night. STEAL, amirite?
2. Everything on site
Once you park your car, or valet for $5 more since we’re big baller’s while we’re there, you do not need to leave the hotel. In addition to having all the amenities you probably forgot at home, The Mission Inn has five restaurants. Want steak? Cool, they have a steakhouse. Mexican food? Duh. Italian? Two different options- TWO!
3. Spa is open to all
I will be upfront and say that the spa at the hotel is not cheap, but that’s to be expected since it’s very fancy. What they lack in affordable services they make up with the fact that any hotel guest can use the spa, including the relaxation rooms, steam room and even the fully stocked showers. But my favorite part of the spa is that they offer free champagne and snacks to everyone. Even me! Poor me who only dreams of getting a massage at a place like this one day. From fresh fruit to chocolates and nuts, stopping by the spa is a great little pregame before you head back to your hotel room.
4. The Scenery
Looking at The Mission Inn from the street it looks like an average sized hotel but once you start exploring, it feels endless. Somewhat like a maze, it’s super easy to get lost. We went wandering and ended up on this really cute rooftop area that had little hobbit doors with additional hotel rooms up there! Imagine trying to find your room once leaving the bar? I would never make it back!
5. Talking parrot
I have been saving the best for last. The most exciting part of this hotel is that they have Macaw’s on site and they can talk!! Napoleon, their residential Macaw, is quite the crowd pleaser. Here’s a picture of him eating some candy- what a stud!!
I am already itching to go back to The Mission Inn, but next time definitely in the warmer seasons. Do you have a favorite stay-cation place in your town? Let me know!
xoxo, Meg

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