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w u r s t k ü c h e

One of my goals of 2018 is to explore LA more. Coming from a small town on the East Coast where I lived for my first 18 years, I was never big into getting out and exploring all my home had to offer. I mean, hey, I lived there for so long and it was so small, I pretty much had it covered.

Then when I moved to Miami for college, I was finally in a big city yet now I was terrified. I was too intimidated to get out there and explore all the different neighborhoods and to get the full experience of culture there. But this is the year it all changes. For being in LA for almost 4 years, I have not seen nearly enough of the city!! So this weekend I ventured to the westside to have some fun at a biergarten in Venice.

Venice is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA, so when my friend asked me to check out a biergarten there, I was super down! Nestled on a corner, it was immediately obvious how much people like Wurstküche. With the line to get in out the door, we ended up waiting a bit to get in.
Once inside, you order at the front bar. Not only do they have Belgian and German beers on draft, they have a whole case of different kinds of sausages. Now being on my 9th year of not eating meat, I was JAZZED when I saw they had vegan options. Besides the meatless options, they also offered some very obscure flavors as well. Check out the bad boy below!
Once I settled on the vegan sweet Italian sausage and an authentic Belgian beer, I wandered back to the dining hall. The dining hall had a bar, an outdoor seating area and then rows of tables inside that had paper to color on. What a fun idea!! Since we came in winter, it was not too packed inside, but apparently during the summer it can get pretty crowded back there.
Already super into the place, I was became their biggest fan once the food came. I mean, look at those fries- SO CRISPY. As someone who hasn’t had a sausage in almost a decade, the vegan one I had seemed pretty dang close to the real thing. And with some grilled onions on top- A M A Z I N G!
This biergarten was definitely a must-go-to LA place. Next time I have friends in town we will definitely be making our way back there.
Do you have any cool beer gardens where you live? Tell me in the comments so I can add them to my bucket list!
xoxo, Meg

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