B a r n s d a l l W i n e T a s t i n g

B a r n s d a l l  W i n e  T a s t i n g

My friend moved to the east side of LA and anyone from this area knows that moving to the Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park region is like a whole other world. As a gal who lives pretty central in LA, nestled closely to The Grove, I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone east. Usually if I travel it’s towards the water. But not this weekend. This weekend I went east to check out the Barnsdall Wine Tasting.

Partly forcing myself to explore more of LA, somewhat helping my friend check out her new hood, but mainly going for the wine, the Barnsdall Art Park is wicked cute. WICKED. Since it’s on a hilltop, the views of the city are amazing. It’s on the same land as the Hollyhock House, so it’s very well kept and the gardens are in full bloom!

The wine tasting runs from May 25 through August 31 and is between 5:30pm to 8:30pm. One thing to note that the price of admission is a bit much, but you do get great views, four glasses of wine and the glass to take home for the $35 bucks. I measure my money in amounts of 2-buck-chuck, so thats about ~10 bottles of wine (after tax). The four wines they chose that evening were all artisanal wines picked by a local wine shop for the event. There was a rose, two reds and a vinho verde which is a special type of wine from Portugal that has a green-tint for some crazy science reason that I do not understand! So yummy!

Besides wine, the park offered tours of the Hollyhock House for an increased fee. The event also featured a DJ from a local radio station and there were food trucks in case you hadn’t packed your own snacks like we did. Overall, while not a typical wine tasting, this event in the park was enjoyable and well worth it. I definitely recommend parking a lil’ picnic and enjoying with friends.

You can find more information on the wine tasting here.

Who else’s hobbies include drinking wine and eating snacks? Let me know in the comments of your favorite types of wine that I need to try. Cheers!




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