f a v o r i t e f r i d a y

Friday is my day reserved for writing about something new I love but I thought I would put a fun spin on it this week and talk about my Friday instead- because it was my favorite!! So one day only (unless I change my mind), here are my favorite things from this FRI-YAY!

During the summer, because I work a corporate job, we get a lil’ thing called ‘Summer Fridays.’ Summer Fridays are the key to my happiness. Nothing gets the weekend started better than leaving work at 1pm on Friday. I mean, whoever came up with this idea is my hero. So obviously, my favorite Friday will be starting after 1pm, not because I don’t love my job (believe me, I LOVE it), but because that’s no fun to write about. Here we go!!

1PM- Adios corporate world, hello weekend!

Pack up my car and run out of work. Well, more like a light jog. Busy day planned!

2PM- Byrdie Beauty Lab

I have been a huge fan of the Byrdie site for a few years now. Who doesn’t love to spend hours reading about everything from skincare and makeup to wellness and fitness tips- all sent right to my email. This week my Byrdie newsletter had the most amazing news, the Beauty Lab was coming to LA!! With the promise of free samples and a girl destined to take as many as she could home, I was NOT disappointed. There are free samples, and then there is giving me ONE OF EVERYTHING in the place, and that’s what Byrdie is doing.

Wandering in, I was instantly enamored with the decor. A rep at the door handed me a bag and told me to fill ‘er up, so I did just that. Some things I already knew I wanted to try, like the Moon Juice and Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen. If you whisper ‘superfood’ I guarantee I will hear you from here and come running. I love me some fads! Honestly though, I have heard amazing things about both of these and cannot wait to try!

In addition to wellness supplements, there was a bunch of makeup, skin and hair care samples. It was a bloggers dream. Aesthetically pleasing and full of goodies? Make me happier! Other products I am super excited to try include Sunday Riley Good GenesKopari Coconut Body Glow, Tata Resurfacing Mask and the Nars Illuminator. These all retail for so much $$, I can’t wait to finally try for free!

The best part of the pop up is that they are in LA until July 29th, and every day is a new array of free samples! In addition to the samples, there are also masterclasses taught by so many big names in beauty. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, I am not even joking!

3PM- a little R&R

One day (soon) I will spill all my dirty deets on my time in Guatemala, but for now know that ya girl was in MAJOR need of a massage. I actually won a free massage a few months ago at Drag Queen Bingo (YAS) so I figured today was a great time to cash that bad boy in. This was my first time having a Thai massage and let’s just say I was wildly unprepared for my masseuse to hang from the ceiling while deeply working my back with her feet. There is also a big part of the massage that focuses on the “victim” (LOL) being able to breathe deeply into the area being worked on and really loosening and relaxing their body. I wasn’t good at either so I was definietly glad to move onto a more traditional massage after the deep tissue stuff. Overall, while intense at times, I feel so much better and like a new woman!

4PM- treat yo’ self

If I ended this after the massage I would still consider it a great day, but we are not done!! I stopped on my way home for Chipotle which was the ultimate ~treat~. I know, I was just in Central America eating authentic foods and I am praising Chipotle, but sometimes a girl just needs a little e. coli lettuce to welcome her home. Too soon for e. coli jokes? I will always be ride or die for you, Chipotle.

*picture included for the free ‘baby chips’ they gave me, omg.

6PM- Here we go again!

Went and ended the night at a screening of Mama Mia! 2 which was everything you would expect (commercials gave most of the best parts away), but I really enjoyed it still. I mean, Lily James singing ABBA? Ya, I can get behind that. If you like cheesy rom-coms and musicals, this ones for you.

Anyways, that was my day. Now I am in bed with wine and I couldn’t be happier. Ah, if every day was like today! What did you do today? Did you also have a lady you don’t know walk on your back? Let me know 😉

xoxo, Meg



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