Hi there!

I’m Meg, the girl behind LA Vida! As a native East Coast, I ventured West after college and never looked back. Playing upon ‘la vida’ meaning life and LA as in Los Angeles, this blog name only took about a year to come up with!

​Besides exploring the city of angels, I spend my time petting dogs and drinking red wine. I love being outdoors and look for any chance to get out of the city to go sleep under the stars. When I’m not working you can find me running (on the track and away from responsibility…. jk!), doing hot yoga or in my bed catching my 12 necessary hours of sleep.

The goal for LA vida is to act as a guide for all things LA as well incorporating my random travels on weekends and wherever work takes me on this lovely planet! In addition to travel, there will be many recommendations, recreations and ramblings. So come explore this amazing city and crazy life with me!

xoxo, Meg